Multiple tools created for the
Prison Reentry Initiative.


The Foundation engaged in a Prison Reentry Initiative from 2015 through 2018. Although the Initiative has ended, the Foundation continues to support prison reentry programs and projects. Prison Reentry Initiative guiding documents and technical assistance materials are provided here as a resource to organizations engaging in this work.

Fall 2017 was the final round of Prison Reentry Initiative applications. Organizations working on prison reentry projects and programs are encouraged to review the Our Process section of the website to complete an application according to our current Grant Guidelines.

Applicant Resources

The Foundation created multiple tools to aid in proposal creation:

1. These guide sheets are references for drafting a Target Results Statement. Each guide sheet is specific to each type of investment.

2. The Target, Verification, and Milestone worksheet helped prepare target statements, track project milestones, and verify project results.

3. An Outcome Training workshop kicked off the application cycle with a PowerPoint presentation.

4. This 7-part video series walked through each part of the application:


Projects selected for direct service programmatic investments answered the question: What positive gains will occur for individual participants or communities? Projects provided services to returning citizens including education and training, parenting, employment, housing, substance abuse treatment, legal representation, mental health treatment, health screenings and linkage to care. In addition, some partners worked to reduce the stigma associated with incarceration by working with community members and employers.

Capacity and Collaboration Building

Projects selected for capacity and collaboration building investments answered the questions: How will your organization and/or other organizations be different, and how will collaboration improve effectiveness and efficiency while improving results for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals’ lives? Projects brought organizations together to strengthen the existing capacity and/or collaboration of reentry organizations to achieve results.

Systems Change

Projects selected for systems change investments answered the question: How will your work inform change on a macro-level, including influencing policy or changing service provider practices? Projects included awareness and advocacy efforts that led to positive changes by state and local lawmakers, district attorneys, judges, sheriffs, wardens, and probation and parole officers.

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re working on an application, want to share good news, or need to brainstorm a new idea, we appreciate every opportunity to visit and learn with you.

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