Suggestions for completing the online grant application


Creating Your Application

  • Type your grant request in a text document, such as Microsoft Word, per the direction in the Grant Guidelines. Once complete, cut and paste your responses to the appropriate response field in the application.
  • All information in the application must be in text format without bullets or tables. Tables should be attached as a separate document identified the same as referenced in the application.
  • Do not retype the application questions in your responses as this will waste available response space.
  • If any changes are made to the application during the ‘Review’ step, remember to press “update” to ensure changes are saved.
  • Spellcheck the application prior to submitting.
  • Press “Review My Application” before submitting to ensure that all fields are completed appropriately.

Application Attachments

  • Clearly title all tables and attachments with both the organization’s name and the title of the attached document.
  • To include the attachment in the application, scroll to choose the title of the attachment, browse to find your file’s name, then press “upload” to attach each file to the application.

Account Login

  • Safeguard your username and password, which were established with your initial grant request. Once established, your password will be used for all future reporting and requests.
  • The Foundation’s office does not have access to your password. We will be unable to supply it at a later date.
  • It is advised that an organization uses a common account or shares the account information with others in the same office.
    • For example, Person A wrote the grant, and Person B is reporting on the grant. Most communications regarding the grant are sent to person A who wrote the grant if they are still with the organization. Person B only gets informed and can access the reporting mechanism if they receive the account information from Person A.
    • Please note that grants cannot be assigned to a different account.

Retrieving Saved Applications

  • Partially completed and saved applications can be retrieved by copying and pasting the following address in your web browser:

Required Reporting

  • The reporting forms for both interim and final reporting will be available on the website 30 days before the reports’ deadlines.
  • The email and password used to create the account when the application was submitted will be needed to access the online interim and final report forms.


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