Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation believes those most in need should have the education, skills, and resources to achieve their full potential.


Mr. and Mrs. Wilson believed when people have their healthcare, education, and basic needs met, we can strengthen families and increase economic opportunity. They also believed that the most underserved people in our communities need the most assistance, so the Foundation focuses on individuals with chronic health conditions and disabilities, those living in poverty, and the formerly incarcerated. Therefore, the Wilsons set forth in the Foundation’s founding documents four specific areas of focus: human services, education, healthcare and prison reentry.


Communities know best what resources are needed for all residents to be successful. The Foundation supports programs that work to identify and solve the root causes of adversity, particularly those faced by youth and families. Issues important to the Foundation include food and housing insecurity, abuse, drug rehabilitation and resources for individuals with disabilities. 


Education is important for the future success of any community, and Baton Rouge is no exception. The Foundation supports learning and development from early childhood through high school. Particular focus is given to programs that improve educational systems and open opportunities for all. Issues important to the Foundation include school innovation, early learning, out-of-school-time programming, and literacy for both adults and overaged students. 


Quality healthcare is essential for a prosperous community. The Foundation supports initiatives providing access to care, education and prevention services. Issues important to the Foundation include projects that connect families to care, improve affordability, and support the un- or underinsured. 


Formerly incarcerated individuals face many barriers on the path to productive, successful lives. The Foundation aims to reduce the number of people who return to prison and increase the cost savings associated with successful reintegration. The Foundation supports projects that create a continuum of care, including education, job readiness, life and soft skills training, financial literacy, parenting, family reunification, and efforts to integrate “smart on crime” principles. 


In Summer 2019, Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation embarked on a journey to create a new strategic plan to take the organization into its next decade. Following conversations with the community, the staff and Trustees analyzed community data and developed the strategic plan. The areas of focus for the Foundation remain the same, though the methods through which the Foundation deploys resources to achieve our vision is changing.


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