Executive Director

Executive Director of New Neighborhood Nonprofit

Executive Director

A  new neighborhood-focused nonprofit seeks an enthusiastic community and organizational leader to serve as the founding Executive Director. This organization will lead community-centered neighborhood revitalization in the Fairfields, Eden Park/Greenville Extension, Easy Town and Northdale neighborhoods using the Purpose Built Communities Model. The Executive Director is accountable to the neighborhood nonprofit Board of Directors and has direct reports including all staff. This role will work closely with Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation staff as the founding philanthropic partner.

The Fairfields, Eden Park/Greenville Extension, Easy Town and Northdale neighborhoods have a rich history grounded by families who have called the area home for decades. Located north of Mid-City, these communities are home to the historic Capitol High School and the brand-new Park Elementary School, with proximity to Memorial Stadium, the Governor’s Mansion and Capitol Complex, and Baton Rouge General Mid-City. These are also areas where social and economic challenges are concentrated with respect to transit, crime, and income after decades of disinvestment. 

As a result, stakeholders have come together to shift the trajectory of this area by employing the Purpose Built model which prioritizes four pillars including: the development of mixed-income housing, a place-based cradle-to-college education strategy, community wellness and economic vitality. In this neighborhood revitalization model, NBR-PB is the nonprofit “community quarterback” organization working to ensure collaboration among partners, resident engagement, and accountability towards achieving long-term goals.

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